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Like poles repel, unlike attract

We all must have read Coulombs Inverse Square law during our early grades, that like pole repel and unlike pole attract, how ironical in todays life too, why,

Today when world is undergoing pandemic called COVID, whether nature or manmade, but something is there and we see its effect across globe,

Positive corona

So where does this Coulomb law fits in during pandemic time, true to it, when two poles of same nature whether positive or negative are brought together, they repel from each other and move away, right, yes right,

And if we see our body, it is also a magnetic shape, with north and south pole in it gifted to us by nature, and it is said that we should not sleep with our head in north direction, as the magnetic field disturb our brain waves on same pole and effect our mind and body,

Coming back to COVID, if your energy is positive and you are positive from within, you will resonate positive energy field around you, and once you start resonating positive field, the virus which makes you positive will repel from that field, and move away, the shape of virus and our body has equally directed poles or magnetic field, so your positivity can actually repel virus positivity and you remain negative,

Somewhere in our thought or subconscious mind a leftover is there, a small thought or fear that you might also get effected, that same fear or thought becomes negative pole for you and easily attract positivity of virus,

Like pole repel and unlike attract

How we become negative pole:

  • Believing in everything we are shown,

  • Focusing more on media,

  • Listening to the stories of loss around you,

  • Developing fear of same in you,

  • Unnecessary worrying, tensed and stressed, weaken your immunity,

How you become positive pole:

  • By not believing what you see or listen,

  • Smiling, laughing and being happy,

  • Healthy lifestyle,

  • Not let thought of virus effecting you register in your subconscious mind,

  • Just enjoy and relax, listen to good music, paint, follow your passion and forget all that is shown or heard,

  • Even if you come across a loss, let not believe within that you are next,

  • Keep holding the hand of God and have immovable faith,

  • Share and donate your love to others, by doing so you will be enlighten and equating your karmas too

This goes with any disease, not just COVID but in today time specially you have to be positive within so Coulomb law is in effect and the field created around you is repelling the COVID virus,

Remember we can beat corona, we are human, we have infinite abilities

Till date I have witnessed and come across many human who are still negative, even without vaccine, why, because they are very positive from within and have their magnetic field in positive scale,

I understand it is easier said then doing, but until and unless we do how we will be able to know whether it is easy or tough,

Please drop your name or anyone you might think need our healing or prayers, we are performing yajna everyday for everyone welfare and creating positive field for the one who need us specially, so they can be negative in papers,

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