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Life after death, truth

We always think of life after that, what it will be, at times we are stuck in this eternal question of life after death,

Why are we so worried and concerned about life after death, does it matters, why are we not worried about life at hand or not concerned about life we are being gifted as a present,

Many times this question is raised to me, SV, how and what is life after death and what will happen to our karma's,

Nothing beyond NOW or before that
The only life is NOW

The answer is simple, why worry about life which we have never seen, only read in text or books, we have not witnessed a single day of life after death so how can we be sure of what is going to happen, except the books we have read or heard,

The only life we have is NOW, that is all we have, the PRESENT, nothing beyond or before it,

If we live our present fully and joyfully, we need not worry about life before birth or after death,

We need to understand, the life we are in now is the only realization of our existence, how well we live is our onus,

How we travel is our onus, we travel with regrets or we travel with smiles, it's all in our hands,

Make this life a life of smiles, love, and care, forget everything, after or before, just enjoy what you hold and stop seeking endlessly for something better and better, you will never find that "something" till last breath, and in that seeking, you will ignore the moments of life,

The only karma is NOW, make good karma, the karma of being kind, loving, sharing, and caring,

That's all Divine energy within or outside us seek from us, celebrate this life, life will celebrate for you,

There is one voice that doesn't speak, listen to it

Stay blessed

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