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Kids, balloons and happiness...

A friend of mine asked, SV, why ain't we happy inspite of all the materialistic accumulation we have to make us happy, I smiled ans said, answer is simple, we have forgot the art of sharing, sharing of love, sharing of care and sharing of help,

Nature if stop sharing, will we be smiling and happy, I said, let me share a small story about kids and balloons which i read somewhere and the story is goes like this,

Balloons of happiness

A teacher brought balloons to school and asked the children to blow them all up and then each write their names on their balloon. 🎈 They tossed all the balloons into the hall while the teacher mixed them from one end to the other. The teacher then gave them 5 minutes ⏳ to find the balloon with her name on it. The children ran around, looking frantically but as the time ran out - nobody had found their own balloon… 😥 Then the teacher told them to take the balloon closest to them and give it to the person who’s name was on it.

Let art of sharing...

In less than 2 minutes everyone had their own balloon. 🤗 Finally the teacher said, “Balloons are like happiness. No one will find it looking for theirs only. Instead if everyone cares about each others they will find theirs as quickly as possible.” 💜

Life is all about sharing, caring and loving, be blessed everyone

Spiritual healing is all about healing touch...

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