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First, let me tell you that there is not one key to happiness in life. There's a whole bunch of it and adding everyday. So, there are no foolproof measures, which will unlock your happiness potential. Every soul has its own definition of happiness. You just need to put the right key in the lock to unleash it.

Generalizing, some clues can be given to find happiness in life. First and foremost is to stop its hot pursuit. People are trying new things everyday just to be happy. Right from exploration to adventure, from matrimony to parenthood, money to spirituality- the incessant search is on. But, still the lamentation- 'I am not happy'.

So first key is- LIVE LIFE in its own pace, the way it unravels itself. Be ready for its mystery to unfold and bask in its glory. Savour every moment. That moment has been customized to occur in your life only. It cannot be replicated in another soul's life. So, treasure every moment that life offers to you and look forward to the next.

Every soul has its share of sorrow, joy, grief, ecstasy, depression and the cloud nine moments. So, the next key is- DO NOT BE JEALOUS of those endowed with more than you. There may be some aspects where you hold an upper hand. Also, the low moments of your counterparts may be hidden from your eyes. Or, you prefer to compare your plight with them only when the sun is shining on them. So, be content with your own goodies. Contentment would efface your desires and end your frantic search for happiness.

Our life is surrounded with a lot of negativity- within and outside. Negativity inside instills fears and gloom. Increasingly, you are cocooned within yourself, shunning company of people. Negative thoughts, mixed with pessimism and trepidation, whirl frantically in your mind and you are engulfed by a black home of your own making.The key here is to KEEP THE NEGATIVITY AT BAY right from the start. It may be difficult initially to shun or ignore negative people and their gab. But, with time, It will become a habit and you are successful in avoiding at least the external negativity.

Internal negativity has personal solutions. Ways like channelizing your energies to positivity, success stories, or resolute pursuit of your passions help a lot. Diverting your attention with a will to get over the negative thoughts is another step in this direction. Just immerse yourself in even mundane chores, reading, writing, music, walks, deliberate conversation, or shopping, bingeing, et al. Writing out your thoughts is known to have a soothing effect. Just pour your negativity on paper or a laptop. It will purge you surely. All toxins of negativity would gradually find their way out and you will breathe easy, more refreshed.

One more key- PURSUE SOME PASSION, besides your job. Try something new. Monotony dulls your life, eroding the verve, the joy. Learning, in itself, is self satisfying. It extracts your hidden energies and keeps the thrill of life alive.

Remember, every moment is pregnant with possibilities and challenges. Live every moment. Don't just exist. Happiness will not flash upon you on some auspicious day in a big way. Key is to extract the joy from every moment that we encounter. Happiness lies in the mundane, in the most run-of-the-mill of things. You just need to identify it. Don't you feel happy after a strenuous workout? or on finishing a novel? or watching a film? or, visiting some place you always cherished in your dreams? Or your new recipe turned out to be delicious? Or after having a good time with your family? The list is endless and of, course, personalized.

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Spiritual Veda
Spiritual Veda
Oct 01, 2019

Key to happiness is finding peace in the existence and evolving with time to understand the life and its events, chase is never ending and so are the desires, beautifully expressed and in most simple words, thank you @ritu mishra for your profound wisdom, stay blessed always

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