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Is it true, good people suffers more?

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Let us be like water, flowing ahead and making our way to the ocean of Divine love and merging as one, God has already gifted us with life, let us give HIM a reason to believe in his one of the most beautiful creation, as it is written in Bhagwad Gita, body is just our clothing, as we change clothes same way our soul changes body, but soul exist and the eternal actions attached to it also pass on with the life, for instance, if one person does good things to 10 different persons, sooner or later one of these persons will pay back when he succeeds in big way.

Then we have the other person who behaves badly with 10 different persons. At least one of them will not forget and will reciprocate in similar manner by which he was treated. This is negative Karma.

What you sow you receive

So, whether you are good or bad, what goes around comes around and you are responsible for your actions. People who do bad things definitely suffer in life. It is important to understand that we live many lifetimes. Most of our karma has been created by our own previous incarnations. For example, if you see a mean person enjoying all undue benefits, please be relaxed. This is happening because he is currently encashing on to his good deeds he did in his past. When that account of his past closes, he will definitely see a grey tomorrow.

The life we are living now is not the end of it. Do good now, we may or may not get good in this life. Similarly, do bad, we may or may not get punished in this life. But we are bound to get back what we do.

It's not that only good people suffer. In this world, everyone is suffering from some problem or other. The only difference is that some have less problems while some have more. The theory of karma is simple. Whosoever will work, put effort the result would definitely come to him.

There is statutory warnings on tobacco products, yet people smoke all through the life and are healthy, while some are teetotaller and get disease like cancer, it is all because of their accounts maintained by Divine,

What are you choosing

What one need to understand is, try to do good as much as possible or opportunity arrives, do not wait for others to do it, take initiative and start, we are so busy in our life and chasing our duties that at times we tend to forget the people around us, it will be a good welcome break if we go off beat and help someone, not because we will be repaid but just to help, without any expectation,

Evaluating results of karma is neither our duty nor our prerogative. Our right only is limited in discharging your duty and that too making sure we do not deliberately harm someone, like earlier I wrote empty vessel has nothing to share, only unbearable noise when they come in touch with other, this emptiness is basically devoid love, we have all answers within, just need to explore within, until and unless we have peace within we cannot find peace outside, but we have to take first step to discover that peace also,

There is much to share with you and learn from you but time is also essence of life, not taking much, please do not ever forget to keep smiling and enjoy the moments, stay blessed

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