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is it ok to pray, when mind is not willing?

Someone asked," sometime mind is not focused and not willing to pray but we do it, will that prayers be heard", it is said prayers are all about devotion and presence of mind, body and soul while praying,

The answer is simple, when we sow seeds in farm, do we check how they are being sowed in farm, whether they are at right angle or obtuse or acute angel, whether we are placing them equally or in right order,

We just sow without understanding their placement, but still the plants blossom and give fruits, same way are us, whether we are focused or not, the name of God in any form taken by us is heard, just that we have to keep chanting the name,

Keep holding the hand of God whether in light or darkness, focused or not, the chant will be heard and spread in universe for everyone welfare,

Next time when you pray or not willing to pray (even if mind doesn't allow) just pray, sync will happen and inner peace will prevail,

Stay blessed

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