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A secret universe exists, Curious to know?

We are all manifestations of energy, whether it be at the subatomic level or as a collective entity. This energy assumes various forms, and at its core, it comprises the five fundamental elements we are composed of - earth, wind, water, fire, and ether. Remarkably, when our physical existence concludes, these elements ultimately coalesce back into energy.

Charak Samhita teaches us that when a woman is pregnant, the union of male and female cells within her womb, with the infusion of the soul, marks the initiation of conception. It's a fascinating process, where air partitions the developing being into distinct parts, fire nurtures it, water bestows moisture, earth imparts form, and the sky contributes to its growth. As this progression unfolds, forming hands, feet, senses, and various components, it transforms into a complete 'body.'

This intricate amalgamation of the five elements illustrates the fundamental framework of our physical existence. However, let's not delve further into this aspect; our primary aim is to shed light on how these elements play a pivotal role in shaping our identities.

As beings of energy, every thought, utterance, or action we undertake represents a transformation of energy. In this dynamic process, we are like microcosms embedded within the vast macrocosm. A simple analogy would be akin to fish swimming in the sea - we are immersed in a cosmic sea of energy.

Hence, it is immaterial whether our thoughts materialize into words or deeds; the essence is that this energy is continuously engaged in a cosmic exchange with the macrocosm, ensuring our existence.

what goes up comes down
Karma to and fro

Karma is intricately tied to our actions, with each thought, word, and deed representing karmic seeds. These seeds germinate into actions - be they spontaneous or conscious, but they all contribute to our karmic balance. Consider the countless karmic interactions we engage in from birth to death, encompassing our thoughts, words, and actions.

The essence of karma is that our energies resonate and reverberate within the macrocosmic energy field, much like echoes in the mountains. Thus, when negative thoughts are sent forth, they inevitably return to us before manifesting in our words and actions.

the cycle of karma, with arrows indicating how actions lead to consequences
universe is karmic energy

Frequently, individuals express frustration, wondering why their benevolent deeds and charitable acts fail to yield positive outcomes. The answer is apparent in the context provided earlier. When our three forms of energy - thoughts, words, and actions - resonate with negativity, it is unreasonable to expect favorable returns.

Furthermore, if we engage in acts of charity or kindness with the expectation of receiving something in return, the universal law suggests that we are essentially obtaining a return of 15% to 20% on our invested benevolence.

meditating, with thoughts and energy radiating from their mind
Meditation and Thought

Contemplate the profound science embedded in this narrative. Every thought, word, and action we generate is akin to a seed sown within. It is the 'where and when' of its growth and the fruits it will yield - whether they be sweet, thorny, or simply cast shadows - are determined by this intricate and exquisite cosmic science.

interconnectedness of all living things
Nature's Harmony

Reflect upon this narrative, revisit it repeatedly, and immerse yourself in the profound science underlying the realms of Energy, Karma, and your existence.

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