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I am a Ordinary Woman

I am an ordinary women.. Just trying to understand my own self in these years.. Learn from my own mistakes, compare from previous self only and no comparisons from others..

We need to realize the power we hold
None is ordinary

And trying to understand more about life, our soul, people, how they behave, why they cry, why they become happy, those small moments that make people happy..

Love to read about big people stories.. and out of their life, I understood one thing that not only dreams, actions and discipline are important to achieve what you want..

But wake up to reality in morning
Dreams are must

But courage is the most important factor in one's success... Courage to dream, courage to act on it, courage to be consistent in your practice, courage to survive in difficult situation.. Courage to accept world in your adverse situation..

Courage to listen to people's comments and people's obstruction when you try to rise out of your difficult phase..

To blossom even in most adversities...

And I lack in courage.. I am trying to learn this from my day to day failures..

I always like your words when you say " Sometimes we just have to go as per the flow without any analysis".. ,it appears so soothing to me, because my mind never stops, so these words of yours give me a sense of relief that mind should also rest for sometimes, and nothing more harmful will happen if we stop thinking for a while and go as per the flow.. I wish to do this..

Believe in self and fog clears
Evolve with faith

So that my mind get relaxed for sometimes, a complete trust on my surrender to the supreme Being that everything is smooth and going in order and place,

I have started taking steps now and will keep walking from ordinary to better...

Be passionate about self
Passion and Divine love

By Monika Spiritual

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