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How to find mental peace

Realize that nothing around you will last for ever and all the hullabaloo around you is temporary, try to be a witness rather inviting yourself to react in every situation, thought or feeling,

Understand that when you are stressed or in pain due to emotions or thoughts, you are weakening your immune system, which might not be helpful for you, mental peace can only be achieved that by knowing all are not same, each one is unique and you do not compare self with others, you are you, they are they,

Stop reacting, start connecting

Once you understand the existence you will realize how stupid it is to invest your vital energy in every thought and situation, more you react less more peace shall prevail because indirectly you are conserving your energy for constructive thoughts and positivity within,

Free yourself from hate, try to worry less (everything happening around need no attention of your), live simply, learn to share and give more, expect less,

More expectation more chaos more fallen dreams, be realistic, do not expect with everyone that they have to be at par with your expectations, can you be at their expectations, answer me truthfully, NO, then how can you expect from others to follow your yes or no, or your expectations,

Don't expect life always to be still

In our life nothing is more important than the peace of mind, mental peace forms the foundation of consistent growth and evolution, we face depressing, elevating, calming and irritating situations daily, the way we respond depends directly upon our internal state of mind,

For happy and successful life mental peace is the prime requisite and whole idea is to stop giving pieces of you and keep those pieces within to be complete and intact in energy, life is easy but most of us make it complicated,

Have peace, smile more, stay blessed,

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