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How to control your mind and words

The mind which is always under attack from words, mind is always wandering in search of something, sometime in books, sometime in mountains, sometime in jungle, sometime in sacred places or sometime in people, irony is , the one thing which mind is looking for is never found or discovered, because mind is still not silent no matter wherever that person goes, search or find, we have always focused on words, whether the words are mine or someone else, our reaction is always based on these words,

And the mind which listens to the words is always deprived from the real meaning, to understand the words and their real meaning, we need to have silence in mind and have empty space, there must be enough empty space in mind so we can go beyond the words, but mind is never empty, mind keeps thinking that richness of words is real knowledge and knowledge is only from words, and for the same we our whole life keep treasuring and collecting words,

Open your mind

We forget that Divine knowledge is beyond words, a feeling which cannot be controlled by words, what is the value of words in itself, have we ever thought, nothing, whenever we take name of God, is God limited to that name only, no, here words are not truth,

Truth is that feeling which is incarnated in these words, if words had been truth, by saying mere "food" we could have doused our hunger, that is why importance is not of words but the feeling which are connected to those words,

Even if there had been no words, God still existed, the feeling of joy and sorrow would have still been existing, the feeling of coldness of water still existed, sun's heat and moon calmness would still be existing, feeling of love existed, but if these feelings are not there then words are useless and mere words, connection to core is must in words,

Connect to the Divine within

Merely being satisfied by the treasure of words is end of knowledge, starting of ignorance, knowledgeable is one who has feelings and experience of feelings, and to acquire these two we must have empty space and silence in mind,

Existence is all about knowing and understanding and not about orating or accumulating innumerable words, if we are not connected to core, every word shared by is meaningless

To understand words and between words, we should have that empty space and silence in mind, because only empty space is filled not the fill one is, we cannot pour more water to already filled cup, beauty of cup is in its emptiness and vastness,

Understand the words and your reaction to those words, why words have been gifted to you, think

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Laila khan khan
Laila khan khan
Jul 23, 2021

Spiritual Veda what a truism, without silence of mind, without positive emotions, words are meaningless. It is the connection with the core, with the Divine, that lead us to see the real beauty and truth of words.. otherwise it is all fruitless. Totally. Superficial. No value at all... What an educative perspective shared in this paper.. A must read for those who would want to improve their lives. Thank you indeed....

Spiritual Veda
Spiritual Veda
Nov 10, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for the wisdom shared @laila khan, indeed, we have been given all the powers, onus is our how to control them, chariot and charioteer, stay blessed 🙏🙏

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