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How God decide-part I

In the intricate tapestry of life, the events that unfold often seem mysterious, guided by an unseen force. Consider the story of Anand, a friend I know. After his graduation, he embarked on a job and got married in 2001. The same year, his elder sister also tied the knot, creating a canvas of joy and smiles for the entire family.

In 2010, Anand and his brother-in-law, a doctor, decided to venture into business together despite residing in different cities. After thorough exploration, they purchased a running factory. Anand, along with his family, eventually moved to his brother-in-law's city. The family reunion extended to include Anand's parents, who had lived in a different city.

Life unfolded harmoniously until 2018 when tragedy struck, and Anand's brother-in-law passed away suddenly at the age of approximately 47. The turn of events, while challenging, revealed a deeper layer of divine planning.

Reflecting on the journey, one can't help but marvel at the twists and turns. The factory, initially dropped from consideration multiple times, became the catalyst for bringing the entire family together. In the face of his brother-in-law's departure, the family found solace in being united, offering unwavering support to Anand's sister and her children.

The narrative prompts contemplation on the enigmatic ways of God's plan. The timing and sequence of events, though initially unclear, weave together seamlessly to form a greater design. The purchase of the factory not only prevented the scattering of the family but also provided a support system during a challenging time.

The essence lies in trusting the divine timing and accepting each moment as a crucial dot in the grander scheme of life. While we may not comprehend the vastness of universal plans, cultivating trust and understanding in each moment becomes paramount.

Cribbing, complaining, or regretting finds no place when one acknowledges the limited scope of human understanding and surrenders to the unfolding of the divine plan.

Stay blessed and keep smiling, realize the existence, you are beautiful

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