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He is beautiful...did I just said that

Many a times we come across human who share that SV he is beautiful or she is beautiful but have we ever realized what exactly beauty is and how we simply define the beauty of others without thinking much, just think, what is beautiful to me may not be beautiful to you, right, the quote "beauty lies in the eyes of beholder" and beholder sees the beauty through define patters from past and knowledge one gathers through his or her parents, teachers and the world, so our perception of beauty is in continuous state of flux, and is very subjective, always changing,

Can I define beauty

If I am poor, my perspective of beauty will be different as I grow rich, and when I am rich, the things which I used to enjoy and find beautiful might be ugly for me and I might taught, how stupid I was to admire those silly and ugly things, right, so are we expanding our horizon of known knowledge or are we just using that updated knowledge to define what can be beautiful and what not,

Dont change the balls...

So when I call a human flower it simply means I think the flower is beauty, so, am I following certain guidelines for defining something beautiful or ugly, or is simply my thinking process, lets say for example I find a person beautiful and the other person next to me find him ugly, so who defines what, I followed certain parameters of my knowledge to define and he used his,

But the one we are defining is still and same,he is existing as he is, only we all around him thinking different, so defining beauty is all about us and nothing about the person whom we are defining, think...

I can see flowers and you cn see

We can never judge from the outer beauty of a person about his or her inner charm and beauty, same, applies for inner beauty, I can be beautiful from within but might be ugly from outside, so what is the prime criteria, well, we are relying to much on the gift of sight we have and knowledge we acquired through life path,

We forget that all five senses are same and they work in sync with each other, but with time we believe more on our eyes then our conscious, we live through our eyes,

Eyes...believe in them...

Lets take another example, a blind person, for him or her everything is beautiful because he or she has not seen, and is unable to find what exactly beauty is until he or she uses his or her hearing sense, that too when someone share with him or her that he or she is beautiful and you should appreciate when they come around, isn't it...a balance in senses must, rather then imposing our innate feelings and reflections which we gather through life journey,

Close your eyes and let me know what beauty is..

We have no right to declare someone or something beautiful or ugly, just because we learned and evolved under certain parameters and guidelines of knowledge which became our central standing in this world,

Even reading above, we will definitely say, oh SV, I always find everyone beautiful and sees their intrinsic beauty but do we really mean it...

Love is eternal and so is beauty, ponder on how we define beauty and on what basis...

Stay blessed

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