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Have you found your Happiness or Frustration?

My friend Vikrant (old friend of mine) asked me,tell me SV, is it not possible to have happiness always, a good question to ask, I said, Vikrant my friend, every soul goal is to be happy, eternal happiness, but do we really try to find happiness, or we accumulate things around us which we consider might be giving us happiness and make our prime purpose of life, in this accumulation we forget that nothing is permanent,

Glitters of life are like stars

Gradually we create pressures and stress to chase ourselves for those accumulations and if not achieved we end ourselves in frustration and stress, the things which we collect as a medium of happiness will never be permanent only momentarily, and the one who knowing this truth doesn't give up greed, end up in chaos and turmoil rather peace of mind, living in a fear of losing those collectives and the one who doesn't know this truth, they live in false ego, in darkness of their knowledge,

This bubble when breaks we fall into reality
You are in a colorful bubble

The house i.e mind, where ego and fear start to live, can we expect to have happiness there,we create chaos in two ways, one is in chaos because he has nothing and other one is in chaos because he has everything and have anything to achieve, we start defining happiness as per our perceptions and needs, but truth is entirely different,

Vikrant said, SV, but tell me is attachment or desires not innate, it is very difficult to give them, I said, Vikrant my dear friend, the core truth of chaos is having attachment and desires more then our existence, unnecessary attachments disturb our peace of mind and doesn't allow our knowledge to be at peace, like throwing stone in silent water, keeping is vibrant,

The beautiful moon also get distracted
Throwing stone in silent water

As we achieve one by one we start to develop the nectar of ego, and that ego give birth to unknown sweetness which we never realize and when this nectar mixed with fear of losing, start to lead us into frustration, a web which ends with us,

Vikrant my friend, we can give any justification for the attainment of that peace and justify ourselves but truth is, happiness can only be achieved once we we realize impermanence,

Accumulation of love and kindness, which is only possible, when we find peace within rather seeking outside, realizing reality and accepting it, not defining our happiness with worldly materialistic pleasures, if we keep on doing so, we will be always getting ourselves entangle and tied up, leading to frustration, anger and chaos,

when we find peace within rather seeking outside, realizing reality and accepting it, not defining our happiness with worldly materialistic pleasures
Accumulation of love and kindness
What are you accumulating, frustration or happiness, feel free to share your life story to create peace of mind at, would love to hear from you and create smiles,

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