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Guidance of God and Us

This is a interesting discussion once happened between me and Vikrant, while climbing down the mountain, Vikrant asked with a smile, SV, do you think God guide us or everything is done by God, why do we all keep on saying so, I was just wondering and wanted to ask this question,

I smiled at him and said, Vikrant, is it you who is asking or God : ) he laughed and said, cmon SV, it is obviously me who is asking, but then truth is, if this question was from me then I would have kept it within me for some more time, but I think its from God, he too smiled,

The downhill was steep, so I shared, watch your step Vikrant, don't slip and hurt, he said, SV, I will take care of myself, but a answer to my question will be a good journey to base,

We sat down for a while, it was around 2PM, cold breeze and body heat was mix baggage, I said, Vikrant I could recall a small story from Mahabharata, so let us enjoy our journey listening to this small moment between Lord Krishna and Bhishma Pitamah, when the war was over, and Bhishma Pitamah was lying on the bed of arrows waiting for his final journey to eternity, around him on the battle field was lying the broken warfare,torn clothes, chariots, vultures, human remains and a environment of sadness, among all of them was lying the supreme warrior of Dwapar Yuga, surrounded by silent land gloom,

Conversation between Lord Krishna and Bhishma Pitamah
Bhishma Pitamaha on bed of arrows

While Bhishma was waiting for Uttarayan (summer solstice) to arrive, thinking about his departure, his thoughts were brokem by a sweet voice like melody, he heard someone calling his name and said "Pranam Pitamah"

Pitamah half opened eyes, tried to smile (being in pain) and said "welcome Devki Nandan (one of the name of Lord Krishna),", Vikrant said, SV, I think Pitamah knew about Krishna, I said, well we all know about Krishna and consciosuness but what about the discussion happening between two,

Gradually we both stood and again embarked on our journey to downhill, sharing further, Pitamah said, since long I was remembering you, and happy to see you infront of me,

To which Lord Krishna said, "what can I say Pitamah, now I cannot even ask how are you,", silence took over, both were silent, finally Pitamah broke his silence and said 'can I ask you something Keshav (one of the name of Lord Krishna)', Krishna said" please share Pitamah"

Pitamah said "tell me one thing, you are God, right" Krishna said " no no Pitamah, I am your grand kid"

Shri Krishna and consciousness
Shri Krishna

We have climbed down at good pace, and in between small stops for water, as the way till cliff had nothing except rocks and slippery ground, but my friend Vikrant was more interested in the story and didn't felt like stopping in the narration, he said SV what happened next,

I smiled at him and shared further, listening to Krishna's word, Pitamah laughed out loud amidst pain, and my friend Vikrant also smiled as he knew what mischief has been played here, I also smiled,

Pitamah said, "Kanha (one of the name of Lord Krishna), I know I was never able to evaluate my life, whether it was good or bad, right or wrong, but since I am departing, please share truth rather being mischief but you arrived at right time, and maybe before departing, i am able to clear my few doubts and can sleep peacefully"

You know Vikrant, Krishna came close to Pitamah and holding his hand asked, tell me Pitamah, Pitamah said, Krishna, whatever happened in Mahabharata, was it right

Vikrant said, woohoo SV, that's a good question and I myself had thought many times, war and collateral damage done through war, is it right, who should be blamed, human or God,

Human mind always love to blame others for ones failure, nothing new I said to Vikrant, he was silent and time was 3PM, one our passed, another one and half hour to go, to reach at base,

Hearing Pitamah, Lord Krishna said, from whose side, from Pandav side?

Pitamah said, "there is no point discussing about the deeds of Kauravas but what Pandav did was it right, killing Guru Drona, hitting below the thigh of Duryodhana, tearing apart Dushsashana chest, deceit with Jayadrath, killing karna when he was empty handed, was this all right and justified"

You know Vikrant, Lord Krishna's answer helped Pitamah to clear his doubts, I could see the excitement on my friend face, who was like, tell me tell me what happened next and what was the answer,

Lord krishna said, how can I answer about this question, the answer should be given by those who killed Duryodhana, Karna or Guru Drona, not me, I was no where in this war, no where,

More we stay close to Lord more we are at peace
Bhagavad Gita and Shri krishna

Pitamah said," stop playing krishna, world might say that Mahabharata was won by Arjun and Bhima but I know, it was only your victory and one else"

Lord Krishna said, then listen Pitamah, nothing wrong happened and nothing unethical happened, whatever happened was bound to happen", the discussion got intense and Pitamah said, all this you are saying Krishna, the avatar of Shri Rama is saying all this who was known for his ethics and humbleness and piousness, this deceit was never a part of our dharma in any yuga or era then how can you say it is right and justified, please explain"

Dharma will be maintained in every era
Dharma and Karma

Vikrant said, SV, I am looking forward to the answer from Lord Krishna, this is a quest whose answer I also need to understand, and through you, we are walking on journey of self-introspection,

I said, dear Vikrant, you are listening and I am speaking, wont it be a good idea to have water and sit for a while, let us enjoy this beauty of nature, never know when we will visit this place again,

Divine song from Divine
MahaBhat=rata and Bhagavad Gita

Vikrant smiled and said, I know you too SV, as you wish, lets stop for few minutes, but keep watch on time, I said, relax my friend, time has its own speed, you and me cannot change that speed accept ours, he laughed,

One should learn from past, not to repeat same mistakes in present, amend your values for present by learning from past, in Treta Yuga or era it was Shri Rama and my part was in Dwapar Yuga, our decsion cannot be same considering the yuga and time,

God doesn't do anything of its own, God only guides and show you the path, if you can hear His guidance, you are creating peace for self and world around, you say me as God, but tell me Pitamah what did I do in Mahabharata, everything was done by Pandavas, I just showed them and guided them about both the sides, it was on Pandavas to follow or not, the result would had been different had Arjuna decided not to do war, Dharma would had been on toss, human has to do all, I am there to guide always because every human is me, and I can guide my child as far as he is in my home, what he is doing outside the house I cannot control, when we say God is doer, and we have nothing to do in it, we just say it for the sake of saying, real meaning of this statement "God is the doer" is, make every act as if God is doing, be oneness, be it like a prayer, then you will realize the difference of existence,

The ownership of doership matters, who is doing, if we connect the doership to God, we can never go deviate from our path of being at peace, but problem starts when "I" starts to play and show leela,

We have reached the base and Vikrant was happy that discussion happened, I know there is more to it but as time permit we enjoyed our journey and straight went to our ashram, where I sad in meditation and my friend Vikrant enjoyed the hot coffee, lost in his own world of thoughts.

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