God has taken a small pause

Have you ever wondered why you are only in human form and not every living being, why is that you are the only most intelligent species on others while others are not,

Why we have made as human, we evolved from apes to become who we are, most intelligent to developing artificial intelligence, ready to replace human knowledge,

In the whole evolution process we lost the plot of being human, we became killing machine, not like carnivorous animals, they kill when they are hungry and to survive, we kill just for our taste and appetite, for our "I" and for our benefits,

Thus on the journey we lost our path of human with humanity, we can quote numerous reasons and excuses and theories to support our acts because we are human and we can always justify what we do,

Have you ever seen or witnessed nature, it gives and gives, without taking anything from you and if we see larger picture we are also a part of nature and natural existence, which means our purpose is also to give and share but what we have done is grab, take and never give back,

We thought we have evolved but we evolved and used our intelligence to harm others more then to create smiles and peace,

So what happened next, God decided to take a break from His most beautiful creation known as human, and if you look around, mosque are closed, churches are closed and so are the temples, and we human are forced to live in isolation to realize our existence and how important it is to share and care,

Beauty of human is, we have short memory, short memory for everything, whether we faced war, catastrophe or pandemic, we forget everything shortly and get along with our life Me, Mine and I, same way we will be forgetting this short pause of God for us, which is a message from God to make us realize who we are and why we are,

We have been made human the most intelligent species because of our evolution, to take care of everything which exist around us, to nurture the flora and fauna we live in, we are made human not for the purpose of eating, sleeping and giving birth and killing as per our appetite, leaving no difference between other primates and us,

We are made human to give and share, to take care of lesser primates and other living forms the same way God takes care of us as His kids, with love and care,

Once a mistake is accepted but repeating and doing mistake after mistake is tactical and knowledgeable move, why are we creating opportunity for self that we reach a point of no return, why are we so confident on disturbing peace and destroying the beautiful Earth, why are we not concerned about our existence, and why we do not realize that nothing will be permanent not even billions of dollars in our account and so you,

Let not this pause of God be extended so that human and humanity collapse, with time remaining, let us learn to love, care and share, being most intelligent species, let us learn to be more kind and more humane,

Be blessed and be safe

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