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Gadgets and kids...

According to the report of the World Health Organization, the use of electronic gadgets blocks the physical and mental development of children, today's children have also learned to operate mobiles and tablets with the change of time, above that, parents also say this with great pride their kids can operate all the mobiles at this soft age, in this way they are unknowingly messing with their child's mental and physical health.

Don't create barriers around kid

The child mind is like blank canvas, and first school is parents or home, and at time parents to in order to compensate their being busy with the gadgets they share with kids,

Kids are being painted on their canvas about the info of technology, so from beginning they are interacting with non-living smart technology and when they grow old, they themselves become insensitive, with much use of technology the kids become stubborn, angry, aggressive and irritable specially under age of 5, and we as parents say, we don't know why he or she is behaving like this, so we start to give gadgets so kid can eat, drink or sleep, or be busy, and do not disturb parents in their work,

knowledge is important but over flow...

The child mind is like blank canvas, and first school is parents or home, nowadays the facilities have increased, but the parents are not able to set their priority,

Parents should spend quality time with children, kids don't need gadgets they need us and our time, our love and care, once the plinth is strong, as parents we will be relaxed and confident about our kids and their journey to outside world,

They need out time not technology...

The age of five is called the soft age of children's life, what they learn and understand during this time is very helpful in their future, at this age, children are accepting things but are not able to transmit them in the right form.

This is the reason that in the school, parents are upset that their child is not able to read and write correctly, the reason is same, he is grasping visuals and audio which are unreal, rather he or she should be allowed to play with mud, sand or flour in the house instead of electronic gadgets, more they are connected to nature and games of motor activities, enhancing their creativity, assisting to have better intellectual, mental development will occur, of creation

Think, blaming outside world or technology for their performance is not helping in any form, knowledge is important but in process of updating them with knowledge, just see we should not over do just for our personal peace and time and space...

Listen to your kids...

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