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Why I disconnected from AI

As I increasingly relied on AI for even the simplest tasks, such as composing emails or messages, I noticed a gradual decline in my ability to think independently. Writing on my own became a challenge, as my thoughts seemed to falter. Recognizing this dependency, I made a conscious effort to disconnect from AI.

In this process, I adopted a new approach: I now write all my articles, posts, and messages without AI assistance initially. Only when necessary do I turn to AI. While it may take more time, the results are immensely fulfilling and distinctly human.

Although there are applications designed to detect AI-generated language and restore human authenticity, I find them somewhat disconcerting. They seem to erode the human touch, as if we’re all racing against time in a relentless marathon to achieve our goals.

It’s essential to take a moment to pause and reflect. Not all answers lie in the rush to reach the summit. Let’s not sacrifice our humanity in the relentless pursuit of speed and efficiency. stay blessed

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