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Five Elements and Creation

The five elements, have you ever witnessed the five elements, The Earth, The Wind, The Fire, The Water and The Ether, except Ether, do you know how the other four elements treat each other,

They all are in conflict with each other, the core to existence and creation of existence in any form, how, fire doesn't like wind and vice-versa, the wind and water conflict each other creating tides and storms, and so is fire and water while earth is eroded from all three, we see that all the elements except Ether (who is a witness) are in conflict,

Five Element-The Water

Five Element-The Wind

We as human, and taken birth as human, will always be in conflict with life and to our existence to life, struggle, but apart from all struggle and conflict, did you ever thought, to give birth to beautiful creation all the conflict and disharmony come together and sing a song of love, all five elements forget their conflict and join hands to form beautiful creation called life,

Five Element-The Earth

Five Element-The Fire

Sustaining life years after years inspite of the core nature of being at conflict but moving to higher consciousness and for higher purpose with love to create beauty,

Realization of our existence and its conflict simply means we are out of conflict and on path to create something beautiful, in harmony like nature,

Five Element-The Ether

Rise above and realize within,

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