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First step to heal self-magic words

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Imagine a friend who doesn't trust you and always have doubt on you, will you keep carrying and continuing the friendship or let it go, definitely let is go, because he or she doesn't trust you ever, Same is your body, if you do not trust your body then body will stop trusting you and the relation between you and body will break in longer time of life, and when we do not trust each other, who gets benefited, external source or third party who enjoy the no trust and exploits both, the body and owner (virus or bacteria or low immunity),

You are most beautiful
Mirror mirror on the wall

So what is the first step in healing self, as per Vedic knowledge trust is must, trust your body, trust that you are beautiful and beyond comparison then anyone, you are unique and cannot be compared with outside or external resources of beauty, Think oneself as beautiful and have faith in your beauty, because once you start to have faith in self, the body cells will start trusting you more with faith and starts feeling positive, and in this trust relationship, they starts to heal you and create positive vibrations in you, that is why it is always said, journey is inside out, Do not think yourself as odd-man out because you are not odd but beautiful creation, So how does one heal self, simple, every morning when you wake up, stand infront of mirror and say to self, I love you and you are so beautiful, once you start appreciating self on regular basis, transformation start to happen, and positive energy is created within helping in every corner of life,

Its your body and will always love to hear from you the kind words, and once you share kind words, quantum healing starts, mind has done miracles, Go easy on self, give body time to recover, when well, feel that wellness and enjoy the joy of who you are, a loving and beautiful you,

Please feel free to write me on, life is all about sharing, caring and loving.

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