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Fear..realize it

Fear...our heart lives in a empire of fear, fear of losing loved ones, fear of losing property, fear of losing name and fame, and for the same we consider that existence of fear is natural and we live with it, have you ever pondered over it...

The moment, place or thing which are considered to give us fear, are they the one in real the birth place of our sorrow , this is no eternal rule, by wearing fear we are not finding solution to the future ailments and moments of sorrow, fear is nothing but the imagination of future losing we might suffer, and has no connection with present reality,

Beyond darkness is light

So even after knowing the fact that it is just an imagination of our future sorrows, ailments and setbacks, cant we life fearless and is it so difficult to do so, are we already in such a mess that we know if we share truth we might lose everything around us, are we so entangle in web of lies, speaking truth need strong will and being fearless but that saves us from imagining our anticipated sorrows and setbacks, think on it sometime, what you want to chose and how you want to chose, peace in life or fearful life?

Peace, love and post no bills of fear

Stay blessed

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