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Fasting is not all about health

Fasting, we have always connected it with our health and diet, for our physical fitness, but there are many beautiful reasons to do fasting, not just health,

anyone can fast....beyond religious beliefs

Few reason which you all might be knowing are:

  • It cleanses your soul, how, when we fast our body focus shifts from all the process of digestion to mind and body, because our energies are not involved in process of eating and digesting whole day,

  • We eat healthy fruits whole day, these fruits create a feel good feeling within and feeling of happiness and joy, which resonates through you to environment around,

  • When we fast, we meditate, how, since our thoughts stop wandering for food and availability of food, what to eat and what not to eat, how to cook or not cook, we shift our focus to meditation, o it is a process to meditate also and connect within,

  • It helps in your depression at times or loneliness by syncing your thoughts for better, realization of life and its beauty,

  • Fasting makes us humble and closer to God, how, it helps us to control greediness for food, cloth and materialistic pleasures, thus keeping our sensual appetites in control, it can remind us that we, indeed, are mortal beings who become tired, weak, and bewildered, and need the steadfastness of a loving God,

But for me one most significant reason to fast is, your one time fasting might be creating food for someone somewhere,

When we give food for a day or for two meals, you have already created food somewhere for someone in surplus, your vacuum of food for a day will be filled in someone house,

If you are healthy and has no medical problems, fast once a week (not for religious cause but in general) and check how much you are able to control yourself in your greed and appetites in return creating smiles and happiness around

your fasting is creating food for someone

Stay blessed and lets create happiness for others too

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