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The basis of human relation is expectations, how should be the husband, well, he should be able to color my life with happiness and facilities, how should be my wife, she should always be dedicated to me and takes care of me, how should be our kids, they should follow us and our values, take care of us when we are old, human,and list is never ending, beautiful human generally loves the one who fulfills their expectations, while the beauty and nature of expectations is to get dissolve or to break, how because expectations arise from mind, no one else is able to know about the expectations one carry or hold within, sometime we share while most of the time we silently keep them within and keep on judging the fulfillment,

Let not expectation ruin relations

Even if we have the vision to fulfill expectations, we will never be able to fulfill the expectations of anyone 100%, they keep on flowing and arising one after the another, and from there takes birth the struggle,each relation converts into struggle, struggle to make it happen, to be able to fulfill, to maintain, creating a void between reality and expectation, pushing us more and more away in desire to fulfill those expectation and trying to hold relation amidst the fulfillment of expectations, this struggle leads to chaos which effects our every phase of life,

Like empty utensils...never ending

What if we human do not make "expectations" the basis of our relation rather accept only the "relations" as the basis and enjoy each other presence, will not the life be filled with happiness and peace, think over?

Relationship should be for growth and helping to evolve...

Stay blessed

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