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Existence of being you-Doubt or Ego

Few years back two groups came to meet me, and while having spiritual discussion, one of the lady asked SV, in your journey you have been continuously sharing the spiritual knowledge or life path to the world, which are accepted by many and also by not many, but during the journey while sharing the spiritual discourse few must have asked or had a thought in their mind, that the knowledge shared by you is in real practiced by you or not, well, I smiled at the beautiful soul and said, this is not the first time anyone have asked this question, such doubt or question has arisen in past too, where the existence of being SV has been doubted by many and question like why, how and where,

The question asked by the beautiful soul was indeed relevant and important too, while thinking, I could recall a small incidence happened with me few year back, I was there at one of the function and something went wrong by the organizers, which made me angry (please note "angry"), everyone was surprised to see anger taking care of me for the first time in these years, well, I felt guilty for the anger and immediately apologized to them, to which they immediately said, a soul like you asking sorry with us in real sense is making us guilty and embarrassed,

Later on the way, I thought, there was something wrong in the events of today, isn’t my asking apology or my guilt is also fuming my ego or pride, there is very thin line between ego and truth, to protect yourself from ego or pride is very difficult but realization of our thoughts and working on them for better you is what help us evolve,

Being human and human mind, we are easily tempted or motivated by the ego or pride, when someone return apology or say sorry or praise you, the ego or pride sets in consciously or unconsciously whether we realize or not, on that day I too realize that the only way to let ego go is to surrender to Divine, surrender of self to the God within, whenever we come across a moment which make us feel superior or egoistic or prideful of our thoughts and deeds, remember to surrender to God, think of your God and surrender your ego and all the gratitude you have been bestowed to HIM, don’t get overwhelm, as each moment is temporary and so is each event,

Each one is flower in a garden
Same soul...

Doubts or questions will always be there, no path of kindness is easy to follow, it is on us how we want to pursue, keep walking and sharing, once we learn to surrender, we will have this eternal peace within, and smile will be our permanent ornament, goodness is always accompanied by doubts and you cannot prove who you are until your words and actions speak, which cannot be hidden for long...

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