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Essence of Ganesha

Lord Ganesha consist in His image entire lesson of sacred human life and basic norms to lead a happy, harmonious and peaceful life,

Let us see how Ganesha help us in being aware and acquire knowledge for the right path and harmonious living,

  • A big head signifies think big, beyond and be ready to learn, don't restrict yourself and be a well,

  • Large ears signifies ability to listen more, listen not to react but to accept and evolve,

  • The axe He hold is all about attachments and bonding, witness not attach and keep creating endless desires, cutting the ego,

  • Small eyes are to focus, concentrate and grasp the finest details because if you see an ant, it is no doubt very small but most valuable teacher for any of us,

  • Small mouth, to talk less, understand more and think before speaking, not just speak and speak, value your words because words are energy, use them wisely,

  • Rope is to keep us connected with the Divine energy and not let us go beyond His love and blessings,

  • One Tusk, to analyze and retain only what is beneficial for you and eternal love, restricting others to be in you,

  • Hand with blessings, when we raise our hands, they should be only for blessings others and not for hurting, they are divine gift, use them for creating smiles rather creating tears,

  • Trunk is all about our adjustment and adamant thoughts of life, are we adamant on what we think is true while others are false,

  • Modak or sweets is reward for our penance and hard work, the timing of reward is not known as per our karma but yes, reward will be there,

  • Big Stomach is about keeping the day and night, good or bad, right or wrong, secret or not, within, keep chanting on them and evolve for better,

  • Mouse is a symbol of our endless desires and cravings to achieve,if we keep them small and in control, we can ride on them but if same desires become bigger then us, they will ride on us and we will be controlled by them,

  • Prasadam or offering, is significant to good deeds, karma and kindness, whatever you share to others, should be in such a way that it facilitate peace of mind, smiles and happiness not chaos,

Overall, be like nature, protecting, offering and loving each other, existing with each other and taking care of each other,

Be the creation and nurture all

Every form and every creation around us teaches us about the existence, we just need to keep our mind and ears open, always open to learning, which can be from anyone, young or old.

Ego is never ending and so are the desires, like our shadow, less light bigger the shadow,

Whenever we pray let us pray for everyone well-being, good fortune (good health) and for knowledge and wisdom which makes us caring, sharing and loving,

Stay blessed,

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