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Empty shells of humanity

As we move towards more materialism and more artificial intelligence, we might be losing the humane touch and healing touch to each other, no doubt, in today world technology has advanced many fold, distances have shrink to our palms and we can reach anywhere anytime,

But, these short distance reach at high speed has also enabled us to be less human, we are more connected to gadgets, world wide web (for the same it is web) and endless chase to unknown,

The jungles are being replaced by high rises concrete jungle, again the high rises are kind of lifeless gadgets, we are moving away from nature and creating desert of ourselves, a desert of emotions within, where we always seek mirage of love and affection rather traveling beyond mirage and enjoying the oasis of water, birds and life,

Empty shells of humanity

We all are nature, we always share we are most intelligent species of earth, and because of us earth is surviving but think other way too, we are just animals for other fellow animals, as per them we are just one existence among many, so how can we say ourselves most intelligent when we alone cannot survive, lets say all the bacteria, microbes or virus disappear from earth, can we survive, think... can we... or lets say all plants disappear,

But if all human disappear, wont the earth survive, think again, what is the value of our existence, it is a ecosystem, meaning, we are echoing in our system, whatever we echo will resonate back as it is,

Echo wisely, you are not super breed but just echosystem for each other, survive with love and care, peace and harmony, sharing and caring,

Heal with fairies of nature

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