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Each one of us has the spark of Divine..

Yes, we are God too, and I think there is something beyond which work for us, so how can we be God, when we have no control on life, well this is what we think but in truth we are the creator and destroyer of our existence or reality, whatever we think or act, creates ripples and these ripples resonate to cause effect,

We have the power to change, to chose and to decide how to experience and live life, either with sorrow, misery or joy and love, you or me, everyone has suffered, someone pain is less or someone is more but we all have our shares of pain, but sometime these experiences are are our biggest learning, which help us to grow rather being stuck in those moments of pain and misery all the time,

We have the power, power to create our reality and to chose that reality, think, what you want to chose,

People always share, SV, sometime we have no choice but to follow, they forget, there is always a choice of Yes or No, its just that we fear from the results of No, thus choosing Yes, or vice-verse, so if we say No to something, it doesn't mean that Yes is destroyed, that Yes will travel with us and somewhere down the line we have to come across Yes or vice-verse with No, then again it is on us how we chose and whether we chose wisely until we have experiences the reality of our creation,

Stay blessed everyone🙏🙏

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