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Don't be a JAR

Whole life we are JAR and we do not realize that we had been drinking slow poison by making our body as a accumulation bag or JAR, now what is JAR, simply jealousy, anger and rage, these three attributes are slow poison, which crosses the thin line without even our knowledge,

We think we are right in our accumulation and being a JAR but truth is, these three will kill us slowly and gradually without our knowing, whole life we spent in comparing or being angry on others for some or other reason, and keep on gathering the assets important to hamper our growth in all three domains i.e mind, body and soul,

If we replace this JAR simply by BELL (bonding, empathy, love, lenity) the symphony of the BELL will reverberate to distant places and create not only peace but smiles too, we just have to realize that being JAR destroys us first,

Remember to accumulate goodness because what you accumulate is what you share, be a JAR of kindness and love and donate the accumulation.

Stay blessed

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