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do you know why earth rotates on its axis

Before the existence of humanity and when humankind came into existence, earth has been rotating on its axis time since, but if we look from different perspective, why is it rotating and why it is not still, the answer can be simple, because its a natural phenomenon and must for survival of earth and beings,

This rotation help us in seasons and and day and night, years after years, some where it is day so somewhere it is night or vice-versa,

Earth is our karma ground, whatever we sow here will be returned in due course of time, the earth rotation is not just natural phenomenon but a portrayal of karma,

We have millions of quote on day and night, for example, life is like day and night, sometime its dark and sometime its light, we need to find light amidst darkness etc, the whole irony is, our karma and earth are same, what goes up in sky will come down, if not sooner but later,

If its day here then night there, its all in rotation, same is our karma, whatever actions and thoughts we do now, will come back to us like earth rotation, here darkness prevails after 24 hrs but for us, time is not decided, yes it will arrive,

One cannot avoid day and night, same way with each thought and action we are planting seeds of karma, they can be millions in one life span, we do not realize, and when these seeds start giving us fruits, the realization starts,

We cannot stop rotation of earth, it is happening and is continuous, neither we can stop our actions and thoughts, but as and when we leave the gravitation force of earth we are free, free from all light and darkness, out these in space, merged beyond time,

Same is with us, once we move beyond our accumulated thoughts followed by actions, we become liberated from the cycle of karma and travel freely,

Our thoughts followed by actions are our gravitational pull, and more we try to break the pull more we are attracted to thoughts, we need ultimate thrust to move out of this pull,

That thrust can only happen, when we realize our existence that we are just clothing on soul and in the journey we have attached ourselves to that clothing, so much, that we started ourselves to be identified by that address and everything we do is for that address of clothing, rather realizing the energy which makes it happen,

kindness need no millions

To do kindness we do not require billions but just a kind heart who wants to do kindness and be compassionate, simple equation, anyone can be kind, not that if we are rich then only we can be kind, karma is all about realizing each other existence,

How to have that ultimate thrust to be free from karmic gravitational pull, feel free to write us at, we would be happy to walk with you, share and care,

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