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Devotee ask God $1

During a spiritual discourse last month, I shared a small story between God and devotee, and it goes like this, once a devotee ask God, "God, please let me know how much is 100 Million for you, and God answered "Child, just $1" so devotee further asked and how much is 100 years for you, God answered"one minute",

It is never about human but the time we spent
Do we need to share with God whats happening
Devotee happily asked God, "God please give me $1" and God happily answered "please wait for one minute"

Listening to the above story, laughter broke, and indeed it was promptness of answeres from devotee and God, but if we travel deeper, we will realize the conversation was not just on materialistic gains, but more to it,

Devotee is us, always trying for more and more and more, even when speaking to God, we are either complaining regretting or asking Him to solve the problems,

Everyone shares, we are spiritual being having temporary human experience and we all have Divine soul within, but have we ever realized what does that mean truly,

Do not that spiritual being be restricted to quotes only
Realize that spiritual being,

We have taken birth as human and are part of great soul, so HE knows what we are into and knows what is happening, we need not to stand before HIM and share what is going on, as and when time arrive, everything will be placed at right block, just need to trust the divine within or the existence of divine within and keep walking with joy,

What more important is, why we have been designed to take birth and live, because HE wants us to do something out of this body and life, through us HE wants us to do something more then what we are doing like eat or live,

Coming back to $1 and 1 minute, one minute is not about 100 years but about spending the gift called life through love, care and kindness, and $1 is nothing but Moksha from this eternal cycle of life or death else we will be debiting and crediting without realizing or not realizing,

Think, is it really that easy to earn $1 in one minute, it will take life, present, past and future life will be spent to earn $1, $1 will only be given to us when we live 100 years of life realizing the God in us and creating smiles,

If we want to really earn $1 we really need to understand and learn to give,

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