Compassion for eternal soul...

Compassion for eternal soul is self-realization, generally we do not know or try to understand where the compassion should be applied, being compassionate is beautiful, but how to express the compassion is what self-realization to eternal soul is all about,

Be a helping hand to humanity

A person who is drowning, showing compassion for his or her dress is non-existent, same way a person fallen in the vast ocean of nescience cannot be helped only by saving his or her external clothing i.e material body, material body is just a covering to the eternal soul, and we since birth made our material body our address rather focusing on the development, realization and awakening of our true real self, then only we can swim through the ocean of nescience and help others to share how you learnt to swim and cross the ocean,

Life is where love is

Create life, create smiles and stay blessed

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