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Body, the wonder of co-existence

Have you ever witnessed your body, right from childhood until we exist it keeps on working without fail and we never ever consider or think about the great architecture body is, billions of cells interlinked and working day and night tirelessly just for us and to make us keep moving and keep working, that's the beauty of creation, giving and sharing with each other what we hold,

Body and its sync is eternal love

Our body in itself is an example of sharing and caring, we exist because our body and its creation within share and care for each other at sync, if we become aware of all the functions of our body, we will be surprised, we will never be able to estimate and understand what body has been doing all these years, miraculous and mysterious.

In our journey we have never looked into it, we have never bothered to become acquainted with our own body and you pretend to love other people? difficult task, and we cannot because those other people also appear to you as bodies, source of walk and talk, beyond that nothing, not realizing the fact, its a unit purely based on sharing and caring, this form of mystery needs to be loved first then only we can love other forms,

Love your existence first...

We have been blessed with innate module of love, care and share, just need to travel within and respect that creation and understand to share the intrinsic beauty, which naturally resonates once we understand,

Loving self is not selfish because empty vessel makes sound filled ones shares love, fill yourself with love and care, the way we are formed and created, you are precious to many, then why we are engrossed in selfish self-interest, not able to see bliss of sharing.

Stay blessed

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