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Do you treat yourself kindly?

Do you speaks gently and kindly to yourself and take good care of yourself. Being kind to self help keep both mind and body strong and healthy, we show kindness to ourselves by exercising disciplines, healthy habits that promote good health like taking rest, sound sleep, drinking enough water, physical workout to strengthen your body, eat healthy food, taking care of your health issues on time and most importantly meditating on self, taking out "me" time and introspecting with your soul.

Its our responsibility to take proper care of ourselves and make it a priority. Self kindness is not about being self-center, just as we eat to live, we can be kind to self to live happy as well. Just as we sleep to live, we don’t live to sleep. Kindness to ourselves helps us maintain our strength and balance. This equips us for helping others and extending our blessings beyond ourselves. Being kind to yourself will make you more available for being kind to others.

Your kindness resonates
Be kind to self

Impact of kindness on mind and body

Kindness is free and easy to share, it gives us happiness and peace, when someone do something good for us or we do something good for someone than our mind releases some chemical, which promotes mood elevation and it reacts in a positive manner, similarly heart functioning increases the beat and transfer the blood through the body which improves circulation and reduces hypertension. Thus we feel happy and content.

Being kind is just as beneficial for you as it is for the other person. Kindness is the gift that keeps on giving! Kindness is the power which help someone , which inspire someone and by helping the person it sparks the happiness every where.

Kindness makes you at content
kindness makes healthy mind and soul

Small acts of kindness goes great path

You can shower the light of kindness with a little smile on your face, your smile can make someones day. By offering a seat to someone in need , tell your loved ones how much you care, surprise your co-worker with a compliment, listen carefully to the person who is talking to you say thank you and sorry without hesitation it can strengthen your relationships.

It cost nothing but means everything even the smallest things can make a difference in nearly all situations, it improve the person’s social relationships and in return having many friends and less enemies.

Happy smiles of kindness
In the world of darkness be the light not to shine the light just on yourself, but to brighten the lives of others and help them find their way out of darkness.

The beautiful thoughts on treating self with kindness has been shared by a beautiful soul Richa Sharma, who inspite of being busy took time to share her kindness with us, stay blessed always

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