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Be a goodness brand ambassador for your soul...

Why are we miser in sharing or giving, just a recap of events, you are born from someone, your name is not your, your education, food, money and shelter is not your, not even your worldly identity,

Accumulation results in malnutrition
There is always extra gifted to share

So why are we still so miser that we are always thinking of "Me, Mine or I" and not "we, us or together", someone shared that SV, we need oxygen mask for self first then only we can save others, but what is the limit of that oxygen mask, do we want to inhale oxygen until we exist or once we have basic oxygen we share our mask too with others and help others with their mask,

and so are you, not just for you but also for others...
Oxygen is for all

It is not so difficult to share our love, yet we find most complicated to do so, we keep on waiting for moments to arrive, and keep on saying, SV, we didn't got a chance to show our kindness or charity, wonder, being alive everyday is beautiful chance to do so, what more chance or opportunity we need, imagine, if one fine morning it is an extended sleep, what will happen to the all thinkable opportunities or anticipations,

I never ask anyone to do this or do that, I share, its upon us, what we want to pick or ignore, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King jr, Nelson Mandela, Guru Nanak, Lincoln, Laozi, Swami Vivekananda, Muhammad and so on, list is endless, they were names given to the outer wearing of soul, but core was soul which was sent for a purpose and they decoded the purpose of their existence, and dedicated themselves to humanity and human welfare,

Our purpose of existence is not just eating, living, enjoying but more to it, think...what are we creating for self and others, to sow a seed or to cut a tree forever for a goodness brand for your soul,

Stay blessed

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