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Awareness is the Key-Corona Virus

We might have read many information about Corona virus and each symptom we have read seems we are affected by it, do not be negative while reading news, in corona virus the major first symptom are:

Right knowledge is best cure for Corona
Awareness is key

  • Fever,

  • Followed by dry cough, and,

  • After dry cough difficulty in breathing,

See your doctor if above symptoms are consistent which can finally lead to pneumonia and could be fatal.

In corona virus we do not have runny nose and also no deposition of mucus,

Keep yourself cleanse,

Eat healthy,



Do not panic, every remedy or news forwarded to you on social media is not true, there are many hoax and misguidance floating around, always always please verify the information, then decide,

Moreover be there for each other and care, together we all can because its just a virus,

You are not alone, we are always with you, be reached or reach out, touch someone soul, touch someone heart

Stay blessed

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