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Are you Educated?

Someone earlier the day said, SV I am educated and I am Director of XYZ organization, there are N number of people working under me and I have come a far way through my hard work and being self-made, I smiled and asked, friend "are you really self-made and you came to this world without anyone help" the beauty with beautiful human are, they start to consider designations and accumulation of knowledge as their life and identity and forget that its just temporary, only good deeds will be carried on ahead rest all will remain perish,

What you think you manifest

Until be go beyond our selfish interest, this tussle of power, name and fame will continue, as quote says "with great power arrives great responsibility" but that power should not intoxicate us, and should never forget that the designation was given to us for the qualities we had before accepting the designation like goodness, kindness, compassion, and if we tend to lose those once designation is achieved, are we real human,

Education is in four parts of life, first being personal, then family, followed by society and then nation, if we keep on changing our pattern with each part, are we really there, ability to take care of fellow human is different aspect but changing our pattern of kindness and compassion as we evolve is entirely different,

Educating mind educating life

Do not make your name and fame your THE only identity, your identity is how you treat fellow human and how far you go, education is much beyond then what we can connect, over the years I have witnessed and being part of few as volunteer, organization fail or perish, just because the one who was volunteers earlier after designation became bosses,

Soul like you around the world are the one who keep on carrying the torch of goodness and showing path to many even if you are surrounded by the darkness of chaos and never ending turmoil, knowingly or unknowingly, goodness is contagious, each one is equally important for our existence and equally required, no one is less or small, respect not pride, love not ego, care not jealous, compassion not hate,

Education sans ego..

Stay blessed

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