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Are we what we do with time or are we what time does with us?

Who we are is influenced by both our actions in life and the way time passes. Our actions shape our experiences, but time, as it moves forward, also determines the order in which these experiences happen.

It's a two-way interaction between what we do and how time unfolds.

However, it's also true that time, as a dimension, affects us by determining the sequence of events we perceive. So, in a way, it's a dynamic interaction where what we do with time and what time does with us are intertwined.

Let's consider an example: imagine two people who both want to become skilled musicians.

  1. Person A practices the guitar for hours every day. Over several years, their dedication and hard work make them an accomplished guitarist. They are what they are because of the time and effort they put into practicing.

  2. Person B also wants to be a musician but never takes the time to practice. They procrastinate and let years pass without learning. Time, in this case, has passed without them taking action, so they don't become a musician.

In this example, Person A is what they are because of their actions with time. They used their time wisely to become a musician. Person B, on the other hand, is defined by what time did with them – it passed without them making an effort, so they don't achieve their musical goal. Both the actions and the passage of time shape who they become.

We are not simply the sum of our actions, but rather the product of our relationship with time itself. Time shapes and molds us through its passage, and we are left to make the most of it in the ways that we can. Ultimately, let's encourage self to live fully and make the most of our time on Earth.

Stay blessed

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