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Age, Existence and Dreams

Old Age, when we are busy chasing our dreams we never think for a second, we will be getting old someday, kaliyuga or this era, has its own pace, where human are running behind their dreams and trying achieve success whether they have to crawl, walk, run or leap, the beauty of this yuga or era is, we get instant result of our deeds, Divine also do not want to carry forward ahead of our actions, when I met this charming old lady who stayed across the road, and in morning we use to exchange smiles, she once said, SV I have updated my insurance people, that they should keep calling me after every three or four days to check my well-being, she was alone, with her two cats, whom she loves very much,

We exist because of co-exist
The merging of age

I was thinking, are we so alone in this world, that we need to share with others to reach us for our well-being, why are we alone, what happened to our kids, son, daughters?

During young age, our energy is high, we are fit, ready to take over the world, success at any cost, go getter dreams, beautiful as painting, but in our race, we should not forget that we will one day get old, and it is that period of life, where we have lot of time to rewind our life and actions of past, some laugh some cry while some smile,

Dreams are real, realize them

It is raining heavily and I am on my favorite lakeside, enjoying the music and showers, looking into the distant of lake, and thinking, about the actions and thought process we do when we are by all means trying to achieve our dreams, but in that race at times we forget respect, values and caring to share for anyone not just elders, some climb ladder of success leaping over emotions of others, some value other emotions and move along with them while others ignore the human around, having sight on the success of their life,

let it flow...
Rain and peace of mind

But is it really a success, materialism is success in today world, or taking care of others along with our dream, nowadays people say to me, Veda, life is all about success, how, is not relevant, you have to keep going, never quit, but tell me, if there is no one to share your success, is it really a success, we bestow our life for the path we chose, and one fine day when age catches up, we see, we are in golden cage,

The action and thoughts of today can be misery of tomorrow, people say, Veda, that's how life is designed and that is what Maya is about, but I say what we sow we reap, let us not be blind in achieving our dreams that we keep our heart blind to the human around,

Just think, what we want and how we want, who are happy and who are not, look around, as someone said" Old age is the most unexpected of all the things that can happen to a man."

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