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A healer or Guru, the journey is same

We all have been travelling in this journey together, and at some point of time in our life we have been broken from within,

We all are trying to walk through this journey till the end happily and with peace of mind, but life has its own plans and so do we,

In 24 hrs we come across a beautiful morning and a dark night, but the beauty of night is, it recharges us in our sleep mode, making us ready for the next beautiful morning, the sun and the moon,

if we say "I can do it alone" we are highly mistaken, none can walk far alone and walk through without support,

We all are healers of each other, in process of sustaining life, we go extra mile, we all come across our part of pains, sorrow, joy and cheers,

Trust the plan, learn to surrender permanently and not temporarily, the energy which created everything is in you too, trust it,

It takes great deal to be a healer or guru, it is not always that a healer or guru is broken, a healer can be awaken soul also, the one who collects pieces of self and make a beautiful painting out of those pieces, accepting the life as it arrive and also accepting the unpredictability of life,

We miss somewhere, even having everything we miss something, we human always think our life is more miserable but once we start connecting our joy, smiles, pain and sorrow to the world outside, we realize, we don't actually have problems in context to world outside,

And life will always throw tantrums, not just for you but for everyone, whatever life throws, we should understand how we need to react, trust the existence and so the plan,

A healer or guru is one who loves unconditionally without any expectation of even return of karma, attached to everyone but not attached to any, they are existing just to heal, nothing beyond nothing less or more,

During the process of healing we realize the pains of others too, so why not let us help each other and try to put pieces back for each other,

Travel together more beautifully as far as we exist, with smiles and eternal love,

A healer or guru showers unconditional love, if you come across a healer with unconditional love, do not hesitate to share with him or her the journey you are into, they might not be able to help you financially but can help you understand the peace of mind, and once the mind is at peace, you are more focused with calm mind, healthy body and listening to the voice of soul,

Stay blessed

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