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A big divide between physical state

Think of a person as beautiful soul and say Namaste to the divine in others, rather focusing on clothing of soul, our small statement or judging might make a deep impact on someone which can lead to depression or loneliness,

We should really think before saying, and take care of others feeling, emotions and hurt, take a person as whole and not just on looks or physical state, everyone is beautiful just like flowers, rose with thorn doesn’t mean rose is not beautiful, rose beauty is in whole, leaves, flower and thorns,


"Inner beauty's the easiest thing in the world to see when you're looking for it... the brain sees what the heart wants it to feel"

Some beautiful expressed heartfelt messages from beautiful soul around world to ponder below:

"Thank you for the important lesson, my dear friend Richard"

"In reply to you, I wrote a poem EYES - by Gary Payne   I

f God had been sensible and everything wise,

Surely, he would have left out man’s eyes,

Judgment and desire would require so much more,

split-second decisions no longer like kids in a candy store.

We would have to talk to learn of the WHY,

Listen to reasons that someone else cries,

Feel the effort that the failing man tries,

If God had created us without eyes.

People would have to feel with their hands to imagine a size,

No instant rejection if they possessed fat faces or thighs, No judgment because they were different of skin,

Only if told would we know of their sins.

To know people based on their soul,

For them to explain their journey's goal,

Feelings would be spoken not hidden within,

Words would give away deceptive smiles and grins.

So why would a god curse us with eyes to see,

Surely, he knows fish can’t climb trees,

Honey is made by the humble-bees,

And man will judge based upon only, that which he sees. dear friend Gary Payne"

"I do believe wholeheartedly in your thoughts expressed below. Just yesterday, I was thinking of an anecdote when I was a teenager. My mother and I had gone to the market, where I began a conversation with a very old woman. My mother hurried me and asked what drew me to this woman. I told her the beauty of her face. My mother was shocked as she considered her ugly and in rags. I saw a life of experience, and depth in her eyes, all looked very beautiful to me. My mother later told the family and they all laughed at me.. I was put off, as they could not understand what I saw.

Certain things one cannot forget. I am still the same person, who appreciates the depth of people intrinsically rather than the exterior. Indeed I find beauty in a person’s heart and soul… even though yes Ava Gardner was stunning or Elizabeth Taylor…. but by and large, whether old or young, fat or thin is not important… what radiates in the aura is far more attractive any day.

Thanking you for this wonderful share which has awakened dormant memories…

Truly Yours, Laila khan"

"Since we live in such a materialistic world and all is visual, everything is "judged" by virtuality because that beautiful soul inside they cannot see...well, many of them and for them to see it non visually they need to approach and get in touch thing that most times doesn't happen because the way they is so beautiful people like them are most times not included in things and spend their lives in sadness.

I think, about being fat or different it's very important to develop self confidence and live your life like you want and not consider what people are saying. This is the only escape i see about it...otherwise it's suffering and sadness. Cristina Rubin"

"Really Lovely

Really, so true

To just be ‘ you ‘

In all that you do ...Ms. Trace"

"Thank you for your continued heartfelt messages SV Yes I believe that people are NOT their colour, race, religion or appearance and all the other things but are how they care, help or love others. As a teenager I was in a Choir and we used to visit Old People 's Homes to sing for them.They were always so appreciative. Sometimes I can't understand others who can't take some time to visit them.Please take care yourself and keep on keeping on.Love and hugs.Margaret"

"Thank you for sharing this loving and caring post! I agree, if we shift our attention to the beauty and divine in each of us, most of the suffering and unkindness will gradually disappear. One of the problems right now is that most of people are conditioned into polarity and hostility by the society and its institutions (politics, media, education, etc). And a lot if people carry traumatic experiences and memory that makes it hard for them to respond with kindness and compassion to various situations when they feel hurt or threatened. I hope that Universe will support me to develop enough strength and compassion for the work of education and healing that is needed on this planet. This is my intention. Thank you for your support! Tetyana"

"The sad part is that's how the world is becoming. No care for anyone else but themselves.  I pray a miracle happens and people wake up at last to see we ALL are the same and all should be helping each other.   Stay Blessed Dear Friend Always, Sharon"

Thats a great thought from a beautiful soul! Its so true and important to spread the knowledge and words to make this earth a wonderful place for all🙏🏻 you know you are doing your part, Soni Shukla"

"Whole heartedly agree! We should never judge or criticize instead encourage and spread love, Carla"

"I agree that it is what is inside that matters.  However, people shorten their lifespans and their quality of life d/t being obese.  I am glad that my honey helped me lose 28 lbs so that I can be more effective at helping Veterans.Jonathan"

"Yes agreed we all should appreciate all people for their essence as a human being. Sometimes even I can feel I put pressure on myself for my exterior is not perfect. But God made us all different and we must remember this.Renee"

"Beautiful humanitarian message. Always think others as beautiful soul and divine heart, irrelevant of skin color , beauty or shape. Thanks and really appreciate, Kishore"

"That is why I feel comfortable with my body now. I don't see myself as fat nor do I judge others according to their physical state. We should see everyone in their totality, not just by their appearance. Dr.Edna"

"Beautiful 🙏 dear Friend & SouLsibling Spiritual Veda, Yes, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder. Let us not be blinded by it.Mark"

"I agree with you 100%, To think that way is like  believing that we are better than others. Criticism and judging is always negative, accepting everyone as they are, fat, thin, tall, short, skin color, nationality, etc. We must be kind to everyone, because we feel that way naturally and feel for them.Nixa"

"I so agree SV! I always try to feel/see the essence of a person...not the human exterior. We are all souls passing through this existence...kindness should/can be our goal.Von"

"The biggest tree makes the most beautiful’s all how we see...beautiful message...Paul"

"True enough SV, what does it matter what your costume looks like as long as your inner beauty shines out. One's true self is you the Soul that radiates his/her attributes to the world.Quintus"

"Yes, dont judge and send out love instead, because at our inner deepest we are love, the human experience is just a show and we are all one to eternity....there is only love.....everything else is just an illusion.  <3 :-) Jan"

"I totally agree that individuals each have a unique inner beauty to be appreciated however having been a health care provider for 40 years I also observed the devastating effects of obesity. People should never be shamed but rather lovingly counseled towards a healthier lifestyle. Terrance"

"We have been conditioned to analyse people based on looks than the inner beauty. I have seen this with new job aspirants, people will find some fault in the person and if nothing found, they will dissect out the personal life or family background and if nothing found- they will create one. We don’t know, who is “they”, but it is there every where.But ultimately- time will give the answer. “ What goes around, comes around. I am doing my part to help people around me, though I am having my own difficulty- I don’t want others to go though the same.Satish"

The beautifully expressed thoughts and sharing is endless, I would love to enclose more in this one post share the awareness that beauty is skin deep and judging someone from the outside is sharing your ego,

God has blessed everyone with beautiful soul, outer covering maybe any, let us respect and care ofr the divine soul within, life is all about sharing, caring and loving.

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