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Recently, life defeated my expectations again. I am a diehard cricket fan. India played the cricket world cup Semis with the underdogs New Zealand. I was sure India would win But, contrary to expectations, a shock was in store. We were defeated handsomely! The most favourite team to win the World Cup was out of the tournament at the Semi final stage.

Such is life. We yearn for something. We are doled out something else. Something, which we least expect. We make plans for the future, for 20 years down the line, for the months and weeks and days in advance. But, does life go as per our plans? In most of the cases, the answer is no. Forget the routine. But, things we expect from the bottom of our hearts, the chances we crave for rarely turn into realities. Personally speaking, I have experienced it many a time. So much so, that before committing anything now, in the heart of my hearts, I have that lingering doubt as to the realization of my promise. My plans work best impromptu.

Unpredictable life

So, this mystery called life always changes its routine course to surprise you, baffle you and leave you speechless. Every time, it forces you to admire the volatility and unpredictability of life. Why, this is so? The question may be difficult answering. But, we can still attempt to draw from the perceptions of the humankind.

Questions and quest

Actually, I feel life has a distorted course, all the while working upon its shape with the experiences that we encounter. Since, for each person, the experiences are varied, hence life form takes a unique shape for each individual. The beauty of this life form is its dynamic structure, enriched by each experience.

As I see it, life is about setting benchmarks. A poor man thinks the life is all about comfort of a home and 3 meals a day. He gets a small job and his basic needs are fulfilled. His new goal- car and his own house. Then, a big mansion and some more money and more material things get added to his list. When he has a lavish lifestyle with a loving family to lean on, he realizes that something is missing in life. He, then, embarks upon other journeys- the spiritual, the non-materialistic ways of life. All along he is experimenting with his benchmarks. Once one is accomplished, he sets a new one, an unexplored one and tries to find a meaning of life.

When most complacent, new journey begins...

But, what actually life is all about?

To understand life, we must first delve into what life is NOT-

1. Life is not material wellbeing- acquiring all the materialistic wealth.

2. It is not about satisfying our carnal desires

3. Life is not about pursuing spiritual goals

4. Life is not a devotional journey throughout.

5. Life is not a series of achievements and accomplishments

You name it and the list can go on.

Pursuit of Happiness..

Actually, life is a sum total of all of the above and more. If you take any one point out of life, there is a void. But, there is no fixed formula like A+B+C+D+….= LIFE. It cannot be defined. It is much beyond that and is different for each person. Since the advent of man on this planet, this question has bothered each and every person. Each has tried to solve the mystery in his own way. Many attained Nirvana while on their path to salvation, searching for the ‘Ultimate Truth’. But the elusive question still lingers. Just as every human being is a unique set of permutations and combinations, life, too, stuns in its uniqueness, its exclusivity, which can never be replicated. We may take someone else's experiences as a cue, take lessons from it as a precaution. But, then a BIG FULL STOP! One cannot redo one's own life with the experience of the other. You have to carry your own cross!

You have to carry your own cross

People yearn for money, cars, mansions and a good and lavish life altogether. But, are all Mukesh Ambanis content with life? Or, are they still seeking new frontiers of life which still elude them?

Everyday, we hear of stories of accidents happening. How many of those who underwent the tragedies were ready for them? While boarding a flight, one has its own plans. A technical snag may ground the plane and your plan may get awry. Worse still, the plane crashes and the plans of a few hundreds are doomed, an eventuality which they may not have foreseen.

We plan our future in advance. Various insurance companies are reaping millions, playing on our fears in future. The futuristic strategies are the name of the game today with the companies going overboard to fit their plans as per the future projections.

Future Planning and Us

Talking of individuals, how many times it has happened that you are late for office and want to make a dash for it, but you find your car tyre flat!!

I dreamt of a life with my husband after retirement, when my kids would be away pursuing their own goals. We planned to buy a small flat rather than the present big and unmanageable bungalow. We had plans to roam around the world. But, my plans screeched to a halt with untimely demise of my husband. Life had baffled me, once again. Now, I am groping to find a meaning in life. Que sera sera. That's my new mantra, with insecurity, and fear of the unknown ruining my future fantasies.

Que Sera Sera

Mine could be a bad experience. Millions could have had surprises and joy, when they least expected. This is what life is all about- surprise, uncertainty, joy, happiness, grief, sadness, or many other emotions, which dent or propel your onward journey. But, what matters is going on with life, the way it wants to unravel, living each of its moments, undaunted, undeterred and fearless. It is a personal fight with destiny, with each having his own strategy in place to tackle it. Live. Don't exist, surrendering to your destiny. In any case, life would be an adventure for you to remember and relish. And a unique adventure for sure!

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