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Your illness is not your weakness but you

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Each human in this world is suffering from one or another illness for example someone is not able to run while other is not pick up weight, or unable to remember what we learnt, or suffering from permanent health disorders, there can be numerous examples of weakness some emotional and some physical, so my question is, do you know someone who has everything or 100% and is without any illness, except the incurable ones.

Irony is, we start to consider that one illness of our life as our focal point for the rest of our whole life, and we get into the chakra or cycle of depression and dissatisfaction from self,

Your weakness is not your illness

Illness is not acquired but is either through birth or by coincidence or destiny, but our mind makes that one weakness our limitation and mental blocks for self-evolution, there are many human who through their courage, confidence and efforts defeated their illness and are victorious in the life, blossoming like lotus,

So what is the difference or secret of success between them or us, did we ever ponder on the same, answer is simple, attitude and perception, those who do not accept defeat from their illness and have courage to rise above and beyond , are always able to succeed and overcome their illness,

Change your perception

Even if illness is from birth or you can say destiny but limitation to those illness we draw is our only setback for not succeeding, our courage and efforts take down the wall of limitation and let us flow freely high and above into the sky to achieve our dreams,

Limitations are created by us, borders and blocks in mind are created by us, we can always try with courage and efforts, efforts from within and rather getting dejected or depressed, there is always exist an option to rise and fight like a warrior to have success,

Chose what image you want to see
You are your mirror

Think, everyone has to understand whether parents, friends, teachers or society, support and motivation is must,

If you have any weakness or illness, please feel free to share with us at on how you overcame it and we will publish your motivational story for many to connect and inspire.

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