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The Spirit of Santa and Christmas

Once again, it’s that time of the year when love and smiles are in the air and we all are waiting for our sweet and cute Santa, that same Santa in snow white beard who comes every year with gifts for all of us, that same Santa who is eagerly awaited every year at this time.

So what does Santa signify?

We love his laugh Ho Ho ho, and his cheerful face, his potbellied look and his red dress! 

Since the time he started his eternal karma, he carries this beautiful smile and internal peace- much like the saints, who bear an eternal peaceful look. His laugh and cheers spread natural happiness and his belly indicates his inexhaustible of smiles, happiness, love and care. The whiteness of his beard shows his wisdom, knowledge and truth, and lastly his red dress is significance of life, - lively, cheers, living each moment, Reindeer's are like our emotions. If we want to achieve success, we need to control our emotions and understand the consequences of our action while sleigh is our body which carries our mind and soul. Onus is upon us to keep it clean and pure. What Santa does and mind you, he does it to perfection, is that he makes us feel like kids- pure, carefree, cheerful. 

What is of importance is that there is Santa in each one of us, but we keep on ignoring him, in our everyday material chase. Anyone can be a Santa and anyone can share smiles. You just need to step out and share; it’s that easy, HE has been doing it for so many years! Taking cue, let us also venture into the journey of spreading happiness. Who knows, we might go a long way in bridging the gap between joy and sorrow, creating smiles and peace, emulating the cute SANTA. 

Overall, Santa is an epitome of love, care and kindness. He shows us that smiles can be shared and spread like fragrance. One can travel to any extent to share the kindness and laughter. It is not about any religion but fragrance of kindness.

As Buddha said, it is always possible to show compassion. So why be Santa for just once a year and sulk for the whole year, be happy and spread happiness all around, all through the year. 

Believe in love, believe in miracles, believe in each other, believe in humanity, and above all believe in yourself- that should be your mantra for life. If not us, then who? Ask yourselves this question. You’ll realize that the answer is within you, what we have done so far, 

Wish you all a very Happy & Merry Christmas with new year full of Santa Claus laugh, joy and smiles,

May all your dreams come true on this Christmas and may Santa Claus bring love, joy and luck to you and your loved ones. 

Stay blessed

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