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The question "why"

We always have this question and keep on asking why is he or she like this or why is this happening to me or others, or why others are doing this to me,

Have you ever wondered or dare to ask with self, why you are like this or why do you act in certain ways with others, we spent our life judging others and keeping self above others, but we forget that journey starts from within first, journey is never outside in but inside out,

And still we forget to ask "why" to self and keep on asking with others and for their behavior, it is so easy to correct self if we ponder on "why" with each question and introspection, more we ponder more we will understand the existence and more we will be at peace within, giving birth to peace of mind and also facilitating peace of mind in others,

The answers to "why" make us act like a light house, where we are standing tall amidst storms of life and yet not forgetting to show the path of peace to others,

Be the light, its easy, just need to connect with self, stay blessed and keep smiling

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