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Interaction With Shiva-The Book

The most awaited book by Spiritual Veda, today has released the front book cover, which is not only mystic in its own sense but also intriguing like Shiva in Himself,

A script by Spiritual Veda
Interaction With Shiva

What is being shared in the book is only known by Spiritual Veda, and have to wait for the book to unravel the mystery, mysticism and aura around the Eternal Energy,

" So who is Shiva, do we know the beginning or end, what is He, and who is He, the intrigue and mysticism around Him has always been enigmatic and enchanting,"

Stay blessed.

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Spiritual Veda
Spiritual Veda
Oct 13, 2019

@gary payne Significance of Lord Shiva’s Trishul (Trident):

Trishul represents the three aspects of consciousness – waking, dreaming and sleeping, and it represents the three gunas – sattva (goodness, constructive, harmonious) , rajas (passion, active, confused) and tamas (darkness, destructive, chaotic) .

Holding a trishul (Trident) signifies that Shiva (the divinity) is above all the three states – waking, dreaming and sleeping, yet is the upholder of these three states.

The divinity is beyond the three gunas or attributes, but it holds the three gunas together.

Shul means problems or suffering. Trishul means that which destroys all kind of suffering.

Three types of pain that arise in life:

1. Aadibhautik (physical)

2. Aadhyaatmik (spiritual) and

3. Aadidaivik (ethereal)

What relieves you…

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