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Have you seen a movie?

Me and Vikrant after so many years went for a movie, I generally dont watch movies but he said Veda Shri lets go and watch movie as he has not seen in years, anyways, we went and saw some movie, when movie ended, I asked my friend Vikrant, did you saw the movie, he said yes, with me he even enjoyed a lot, I asked, did you really saw movie, he said yes Veda Shri, while returning to ashram, he asked, Veda Shri, what did you asked me few times, I smiled and shared,

Have you seen a movie?

Vikrant, we read review of a movie, then we decide whether we want to see it or not, and when we finally decide then we go and buy ticket, and sit in movie to watch it, be there for 2 to 3 hrs, enjoy the emotions of movie, and then enjoy popcorn or whatever we want to eat, then once the movie end we walk out, leaving everything behind, he said yes that true Veda Shri,

I shared, yes my dear friend, that's what the smile is all about, life is all about watching movie, my friend asked how, I said, we chose what movie we want to watch, same way we chose what life we want to spent here before birth as per our karma, with whom we want to with and how we want to spent our life, then arrives the ticket, to take birth, and then when we take ticket we are here, in the movie,

But we forget one thing, while watching movie we enjoy whatever movie shows and colors of life, but we never realize the small light through which all the movie is being projected, through that light we see all the characters of movie on screen, be it actor or actress or many more, we never realize that light which is showing the movie, we just watch and leave the movie hall leaving all our eateries left over and then there is cleaning process by staff and next witness to arrive, but we never realize the small light through which all the actors and actress come out, no one looks back to understand

projector light

That's how life is all about Vikrant, the cloth on the screen is us, through us on our cloth a movie is being shown, and we understand that we are in the movie, but truth is we are just the cloth which is showing the movie, and we are portraying a movie on us as cloth,

Dear Vikrant, movie doesn't end there, there might be few who will look back and see the light but it doesn't end there, we might think its the God through Him the movie is being shown, there is another deep theory, its just not the cameraman who is showing the movie but beyond that, who made the movie and ahead, so my dear friend Vikrant, your questioned who is God, you can relate to it, you cannot imagine the depth because He is beyond and you cannot prove His existence because you are just cloth and on your cloth a movie is being shown and once that movie is over, everyone just walk away either praising or showing rage that movie was not good or good, can we really decide,

My dear friend, the small light is God in our understand but beyond that God of understanding is much more, whenever we meet next and if you are interested what and how is God we continue,

Chalo, you enjoyed the movie and I am happy for you,

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