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Buddha is never about a person

Buddha is never about a person but about the knowledge and philosophy to that knowledge, no doubt we have advanced in our lifestyle and technology since then, but chaos of human has remained same, earlier also there was pain, now also, greed, now also, me or mine or I, is still existing, so whether this era or that era, the knowledge and purpose to existence remains same,

Buddha is never about a person

Buddha never called or invited anyone to visit Him or meet him for knowledge, there is a beautiful quote I would like to share with you, I cannot change the world but definitely I can cast a stone and create ripples, I can change myself and if someone is attracted or inspired or motivated by my change, he or she will acknowledge, and try to change themselves too,

But if you go around and keep trying to change a single human, you are investing your vital energy for nothing, be the change, the change you want to see,

Change begin from within

We can validate anything, but what does we want to validate or prove, is it about power or money, it is never about money, but why someone is more rich and more powerful then others, "why" is the question to ponder,

It has been beautifully shared, each one carries their own karma, have you heard Shri Satyanarayn Katha closely, what does it share, just in brief the first few lines I am sharing again"Once upon a time, Yogiraj Narada ji wandered in many lokas or world to wish for the benefit of others and came to the land of death aka Mrityuloka, that's our human earth, here, he saw all the people born in many generations, suffering from many sufferings through their actions."

Shri Narad Muni

So one is karma and second is your today action,breaking down to your life, I know you cant give up everything because you have traveled to a certain level where fear of losing starts, losing name, fame, money, luxuries, aura and every materialistic thing around, this fear within of losing is prime cause for restricting us in our horizon of knowledge, I am not saying you bring major changes in your life, every journey starts with small step, start with small step, why try to validate others when we ourselves are not able to validate our own existence,

There are no God as the one in images, the real God is you, your own existence, and once you start understanding your purpose of life is not mere collecting materialistic pleasures but beyond that, you will be awaken soul,

Awaken soul and you...

The crux of above discussion is, Buddha never tried to change or validate the world, but He tried to validate his life and his existence, you are Divine, and so was He, He realized the Divinity within and was awakened, same is you, keep it simple, the more simple it is more easy it is to understand,

All of us have a great deal of mental suffering and psychological problems because of emotional difficulties,

One need not be a scholar and learn everything because you are just that one drop in ocean which is creating ocean,

But you are the ocean
You are not just drop

How you feel about you makes different, you can either feel you are creating this ocean or oh I am just one drop, there are big waves and so much of water around,

To understand life we do not need complex theories, just you yourself is enough, introspect, insight and invent yourself, purpose of meditation is never about peace, if one is looking for peace through meditation, then he or she is absolute wring and will never find peace, purpose of meditation is to understand the flow of thoughts and their consequences effecting us and others around us through our actions as result of those thoughts, this is simple meditation, ponder, rather validate,

Meditate on self first...

Touch Someone Heart, Touch Someone Soul...

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