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Bodies, Color or Sex...

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Until and unless we learn to see soul rather than bodies, color or sex, we will always be having you, me, I, them,

Differentiation starts when we move closer
From above all are same...

Our prime problem is we find ourselves always superior from other soul and in this context we extend our ego,but the beauty is, we never realize what we are doing because for us and according to our perception we are right and our accumulated knowledge is right,

But somewhere along the way and down the line we or as in everybody has missed the point, we were brought up by people who themselves have not arrived, we were brought up by people who themselves were struggling to find the answer, I am not against them or criticizing them for what they did, but feel compassion for them, since then, we have been following a unhappy pattern of life and same has been created within us, we are just not happy but love it when we let our ego play with us, kind of high it provide to us which makes us happy to see how our unhappiness within is flushing out,

and learn new
let us erase

It is not growth but death of intellect and knowledge, whether you or me or anyone in world, at this age or any age, we cannot change them until they really come across a situation which do soul awakening, but we can always try,

Let us erase and write new beginning of creating smiles, creating happy pattern within, creating peace, it is not difficult, we can start anytime anyday, just need to connect, remember, praising someone is also a judgement, its just that in this case we like the verdict against condemn,

The beginning we want to see, let us be the beginning...

Step out and embark...
The beginning we want to see, let us be the beginning...

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