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Why it is difficult to be kind?

Why can’t we just do it, it’s that easy?

Why we wait for others to do it and then follow?

Are we so busy in our own world that we never find time to think beyond?

You are tensed, stressed and need to relax and let is go at times,

It is all about love
Kindness is never about money..

God has given us, share it, whether time or money, anything holds good

We are so focused in our own world, our problems and our life, whole life is spend solving them and till the end we are able to solve none, till the end one or another task is left,

Individual efforts of kindness are like cumulative sunami waves, which can create a major change in society,

Just think, taking self and the loved ones is appreciated but extending love and blessings to many more is contentment, those who have never learned to shared means never lived,

Sharing is caring
Be a rainbow in others cloud

Please feel free to write me at, would be happy to assist you, life is all about sharing, caring and loving...

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