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AUM or ॐ creates, preserve and destroy means chanting creates positive energy and vibrations, it preserve the energy and vibration created and finally destroys all negative energy and vibration, is the power of AUM or ॐ,

The space below are the answers to your questions asked by our Meditation and Wellness guides, it comprises of gamut of of horizon, right from spirituality to happiness, chaos, life journey or contentment, 

Are you depressed or sad, must listen for everyone, have peace
Who is God, when we refer as God
Revealed, How to realize the existence of Divine energy within
How to change life for better and positive
Who is a soulmate
How to overcome loneliness
How to meditate
What are the types of Meditation
Sync of mind, body and soul
Effect of Meditation on Radiation
How to pull back to self
Why I am not at content
Secret to Healthy and Happy Mind
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