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You are beautiful

True, you are beautiful, unique and no one can replace your beauty but to be beautiful you have to realize that beauty and appreciate that you are the best creation ever made and how many life you have spend to be what you are,

The human and the touch...

It is one of those time when I needed to charge myself and was in nature lap (on regular intervals I do disconnect myself from world), on my way back I attended a spiritual meet and got to interact and hear some really learned people discuss about people with beautiful souls and what is their way of seeing the beauty of a person,

It depends on perspective, different people find different qualities necessary for a beautiful soul and most of the times it is difficult to have all those qualities in a single person,I was awestruck to hear their discussions,those we remember the most are the ones who bring out the best in us, its when we are around these people that we too realize what we are worth, someone also said becoming so selfless that your heart truly desires to help others in need is the definition of a beautiful soul,another learned person said forgiveness is an essential requirement of a beautiful soul,

The soul is beautiful

A learned professor said People who speak in love and kindness and encourage others to become their own version of beautiful,furthermore he said he has realized that beauty arises out of innocence.

An innocent heart, free of any malice. No hatred, there are many who are serving generously with a warm heart the poor, needy, aged, orphaned, sick people selflessly expecting nothing but just to bring a smile on their faces, they are likes Angels,

Summing up I would like to say lets create so much beauty within us that it will inevitably overflow in all directions!! “We are all beautiful creation of God with a beautiful soul.”

Smile...its most beautiful

Stay blessed

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